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When to Call a Professional Concrete Repair Service

If you are planning a concrete work, it is highly recommended to use the services of a professional concrete repair service for your project. Concrete is among the most widely spread building materials today. However, it has been known to humankind since the earliest times and history offers numerous examples of the ancient methods and compounds used for its production. Do you know that the first existing prototype occurred in result of natural forces entirely. An oil shale deposit was found burned in a bed of limestone. The first known example made by humans is almost ten thousand years old, and the first artifacts that document the use of the material were made from limestone and pebbles and came in the forms of cement and mortar.

An interesting fact is that Assyrians used to produce waterproof concrete for their water related structures, such as aqueducts, public thermae, and reservoirs used for the collection of water for drinking and other domestic needs. As a summary, concrete used to be as popular for the purposes of construction in the past as it is in the present. Roman people continued and improved the ancient traditions with the production of special type of concrete that they used intensively throughout the entire existence of their empire. Because of its particular compounds and techniques, Roman concrete had distinctive technical characteristics and qualities.

It is indeed this type of concrete that played a historic role in the so called Roman revolution in architecture when the construction of buildings was freed from the restrictions imposed by the technical limitations of stone and bricks. For example, it made it possible for the constructive elements to become thinner and span at such heights and widths that had not been known to humankind ever before. Moreover, Roman concrete possessed as much compressive strength as its modern reinforced version, but its tensile strength was much lower. Unfortunately, with the decline of the Empire, this tradition was forgotten for a long time until it was reborn around the times of the Industrial revolution.

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