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Advice from a Reliable Concrete Contractor


When it comes to improving the aesthetics of our home, a driveway is probably one of the most effective ways. However, over time, a driveway develops cracks. Through these cracks, weeds may pop up and anthill mounds may spill out of its crevices. These fissures may seem small, however, neglecting them can cause serious accidents. If you notice your driveway covered with cracks, call a concrete contractor right away. Here’s a closer look at what causes cracks in your driveway:


Excessive Weight


Although concrete is a hard and durable construction material, excess weight can make them crack. When excess pressure is exerted on the surface, your driveway can fracture. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the maximum amount your driveway can handle without developing cracks.


Growth of Vegetation


Growing trees or plants can cause tremendous damage to your concrete driveway. As the roots of these plants expand, they press against the subsurface of your driveway. The pressure exerted will eventually cause your concrete construct to crack, forming fissures and potholes.


Poorly Installed Driveways


One of the main cause for cracks to appear in your driveway is because of poor installation. Contractors who install an improper base or subbase use light materials like sand and dirt. The reason why they do this is to save time or money. But this shouldn’t be the case! When you hire a reputable company, they will build the foundation of your driveway from crushed stone. They crush it really tight and install an aggregate base. This ensures quality results for their project.


Although it is inevitable for your driveway to have cracks, a well-constructed concrete project will last for a long time without many problems. So be sure to hire a company that has a good reputation and offers nothing but quality results.


When in need of a reliable concrete contractor in Corpus Christi, TX, turn to Level One Foundation Repair and Construction! They offer quality installations and repairs. For an appointment with their team, dial (361) 563-2401 now!